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Smart Remote Control

The Smart Remote Control is roughly segmented into three primary areas. The very best section is centered through the aforementioned color Vast screen--it is a square 1-inch-by-1-inch display. It isn't a touchscreen--you will need to spend a minimum of two times just as much to upgrade to some Harmony One for your--but you will find five buttons (two on every side, one at the base) for selecting contextual products on screen. You may also page through additional screens, spreading the accessible choices. The center section includes a five-way directional pad, funnel and volume controls, and a few standard Digital recording device keys (Menu, Guide, Info, Exit). At the base third from the remote, you will find standard video transport controls (play, pause, rewind, etc.) along with a 12-digit keyboard. Additionally towards the LCD, all the remote's buttons are backlit, so it's not hard to use within a dark room.

The setup process is similar to that particular of previous Smart Remote Control review. You connect the 650 for your Internet-connected Home windows Mac or pc using the provided USB cable, install the model-specific form of Harmony software (downloaded from Logitech's Site), and answer a reasonably simple online questionnaire. You just choose your house-theater aspects of a listing, let you know that they are connected, and define their roles in activity-based functions, for example "Watch Television,Inch "Watch DVD," and "Pay attention to music." For every function, you specify which products and inputs the remote must enable. You may also determine which keyboard functions will "punch through" that specific products--always getting the funnel buttons control the cable box or even the volume controls devoted towards the TV, for example. After you have completed the questionnaire, the program uploads all of the best Smart Remote Control codes towards the Harmony 650.

The program will instantly map apparent operates to the default keys--"pause" to "pause," "2" to "2," and so forth--however, you can personalize and alter anything you would like. You may also map specific operates to the coloured buttons around the remote, along with the contextual areas around the Vast screen.